Thr33z features street wear from the city of Boston. Our fashion reflects a hip-hop fashion culture that sprung from Bean-Town in the 1980's. Shop our one-of-kind hats and apparel that represent peace, unity and pride that thrives in the North-Coast aka New-England.

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About Us

The inspiration behind Thr33z comes from Boston aka Bean-Town's fashion and hip-hip culture. We began designing urban fashion from Boston in 2010 with a goal to create a wearable celebration of Boston's inner-city culture.

Our company name, Thr33z, comes from "Throw your Threes Up". A slogan created by BeanTown's inner-city youth during the 1980's. The Thr33z logo refers to a three-finger-salute, which became a "Boston Peace Sign".

Thr33z quickly developed into a movement aimed at bringing all people together. It is still used today by athletes, musicians and even politicians in Boston, it's a symbol of civic pride to strive for perfection. The principles of Thr33z culture echo throughout our line of luxury hats, clothing and accessories. We are the hottest brand because we stay true to our roots and culture.

Mission Statement:
Thr33z Clothing Perfected in Boston

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